General conditions for the use of the site

Welcome to the website of DOCTRAVEL and thank you for using our services (the "Services"). Using our services, you as a user (hereinafter referred to as the "user") agree to these conditions (hereinafter referred to as "conditions"). Please carefully read them. Some of our services are subject to additional conditions. Additional conditions will be available together with the relevant services, and if used, additional terms are considered part of your agreement with DOCTRAVEL.

1.DOCTRAVEL Services

1.1.DOCTRAVEL is a service platform. Its purpose is to provide a place of offering services or a "trading platform" for providers of health services and service companies engaged in organizing and assisting in obtaining medical, health or other services, including hospitals, clinics, doctors, assistance companies and others (hereinafter - "Suppliers").

1.2.DOCTravel does not send users or other patients to individual suppliers, but only provides information about providers, including a convenient time period, geographic location, medical needs, and so on. Thus, the user is not assigned to a specific supplier, but receives a list of suppliers (including name, address, specialization, etc.). The user can select one or more of the service posters and send them their question.

1.3. In the provision of services, the information transmitted by DOCTRAVEL is based on data from suppliers taken from official Supplier sites or entered directly by the supplier's representatives. Although DOCTRAVEL shows due diligence and professional approach when providing services, DOCTRAVEL does not confirm and does not guarantee that all information provided by suppliers is accurate, exhaustive and correct. DOCTRAVEL is also not responsible for any errors (including obvious errors and misprints), inaccurate, misleading and false information provided by suppliers, or failure to provide such information by suppliers. Each supplier is solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness, correctness and up-to-dateness of the information displayed on the DOCTRAVEL website. The information on the DocTravel website should not be considered as a recommendation or confirmation of the quality, service level and qualifications of any supplier.

1.4.By exchanging information between the user and the supplier, DOCTRAVEL facilitates communication between them. In particular, DOCTRAVEL offers the user various forms for sending a request about the services of the supplier. In the event of a contract between the user and the supplier, DOCTRAVEL does not participate in the contractual relationship between them, nor does it affect the conclusion or content of the contract in any way. DOCTRAVEL does not assume any rights, obligations or liabilities directly to the user or supplier by virtue of a contract concluded between the supplier (or other third party) and the user.

1.5.DOCTRAVEL itself does not provide medical services. The information provided on the DOCTRAVEL website, including by suppliers and other third parties, can not be a substitute for medical advice or medical examination, or the only reason for deciding whether to continue or stop medical treatment.

1.6.Information about suppliers on the DocTravel website can be posted by any person authorized by the vendor to post such information. Administration of DocTravel after posting information about the supplier on the site must contact the supplier to clarify the details of the information, to provide possible assistance in maximizing the profile of the supplier and placing objective information. Placement of information about the supplier by a person who does not have the consent of the supplier, in order to attract patients and communicate with them on behalf of the supplier, is strictly prohibited and entails the immediate removal of the profile of such supplier.

1.7.The administration of the site DocTravel reserves the right to independently fill in the supplier profiles without the prior consent of the suppliers in order to transfer the rights to the corresponding profile directly to the supplier whose name is filled in the profile. Other use of the supplier profile without the consent of the supplier is not allowed.

2. Registration and acceptance of these conditions.

2.1.To use the services of DOCTRAVEL, the user must register on the DOCTRAVEL website. It is necessary that the user provide (i) his name, surname and phone number; (Ii) agreed to these terms and conditions.

The user can terminate his registration at any time. In accordance with the privacy policy, DOCTRAVEL removes or blocks personal data and special personal data immediately upon termination of registration by the user. However, in order to be able to track and record the history of user or vendor requests in case of a legal dispute with suppliers that the user has accessed through the DOCTRAVEL platform, DOCTRAVEL saves the user's name and surname, as well as his email address. After the user account is closed, DOCTRAVEL will not use this information for any other purposes (in particular, for advertising purposes) except for the above.

3. Tariff plans

3.1.Using the DocTravel service is free for patients.

3.2.The use of DocTravel service is paid for suppliers. The fee is charged for the presence of the supplier in the catalog - monthly, as well as for the allocation of the supplier in the search results among other suppliers. Tariffs are set by the administration of DocTravel and are indicated in the section "Tariffs".

3.3.Before the end of Beta-testing service DocTravel is shareware for suppliers.DocTravel administration is obliged to inform the suppliers about the date of the Beta-testing of the service 60 days before the introduction of the service fee. The preliminary end date for Beta-testing of the service is set on December 1, 2017, but may be postponed to a later date.

4.Obligations of the user

4.1.DOCTRAVEL offers its services only to individuals aged 18 years and over. The user is entitled to use the services of DOCTRAVEL on behalf of a third person under the age of 18 years, if the user is already 18 years of age. The User is obliged to notify DOCTRAVEL of any activity carried out on behalf of the said third party.

4.2.The user is obligated to ensure the careful protection of his login (user name and password) from unauthorized access by third parties. For all activities associated with the user's account, is responsible only to you. If the user becomes aware of unauthorized use of his account or of any other security risk, he must immediately notify DOCTRAVEL about it.

4.3.The user provides only valid and up-to-date information, DOCTRAVEL, to suppliers or third parties on this website or in connection with services provided by DOCTRAVEL.

4.4.In case of violation of the user's obligation under clause 4.2, DOCTRAVEL, taking into account the legitimate interests of the relevant user, has the right to remove the relevant information and user materials and temporarily or permanently block the user's account.

5. Responsibility of DOCTRAVEL for its own services

5.1 Except as described in these or additional terms, DOCTRAVEL does not assume any obligations, including quality obligations, and does not provide any guarantees regarding the services provided by the suppliers provided on the site.

6. Lack of responsibility for the services of third parties

6.1.DOCTRAVEL is not responsible for the correctness, completeness and relevance of any information provided by suppliers or other third parties on the DOCTRAVEL website.

7.2.The DOCTRAVEL website contains cross-references (referred to as links) to third-party sites (for example, suppliers, hospitals, travel agencies, certification bodies) whose contents DOCTRAVEL can not control. For the content of websites, which are referred to, the responsibility of only the respective owner or operator sites. DOCTRAVEL does not take responsibility for external content. Sites for which references were made were quickly checked for possible violations of the law at the time of the link; At the relevant time there were no obvious violations of the law. However, DOCTRAVEL does not constantly check external content for changes that could be a new cause of liability. Nevertheless, DOCTRAVEL will remove the link to the third party's site if it becomes obvious that the content of the relevant site is illegal.

8. Data Protection

8.1.To provide DOCTRAVEL services, it is necessary to collect, process and use personal data, including a special category, which requires the prior consent of the user.

8.2.The user can use this site and the information contained on it only for non-commercial, personal purposes.

All content DOCTRAVEL site are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. When using the services, the user is not granted any licenses for DOCTRAVEL intellectual rights related to services and information provided by DOCTRAVEL. Any use not covered by the copyright law requires the prior written consent of DOCTRAVEL. Downloads and copies of the contents of the DOCTRAVEL website are provided for personal and non-commercial use only.

8.4.DOCTRAVEL has the right to use the information, requests and correspondence (for example, with the Suppliers) provided by the user, or user materials added by the user in the forums and so on, for the commercial activities of DOCTRAVEL, provided that such use will comply with the current data protection rules.

9.Actions and changes in conditions, current legislation, place of consideration

9.1.The site and services of DOCTRAVEL are exclusively subject to the terms of DOCTRAVEL and applicable law. General user conditions or similar regulatory provisions are hereby categorically rejected.

9.2.These conditions remain in effect until they have been changed or canceled by DOCTRAVEL. If the user does not agree with these conditions, he must immediately stop using the services and close his user account.

9.3.DOCTRAVEL may modify these terms and any additional conditions applicable to the individual services provided by the DOCTRAVEL. DOCTRAVEL will notify you about changes to the terms on this site. DOCTRAVEL will notify you of a change in the additional terms when providing the relevant service. Changes will not have retroactive effect and come into force no earlier than fourteen (14) days after their publication. However, changes relating to new service functions or changes made from legal considerations will take effect immediately. If the User does not agree with the modified terms of the service, he must stop using the corresponding service.

9.4.In the event of a discrepancy between the terms and the additional conditions applicable to certain services rendered by DOCTRAVEL, the additional terms and conditions prevail over the non-compliance.

9.5.Any dispute arising in connection with these conditions or services shall be subject to exclusive consideration by the competent courts of Ukraine. If the law does not allow the selection of the venue for the consideration of court cases, all claims arising from these conditions and additional conditions for the provision of certain services rendered by DOCTRAVEL, as well as services, fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts provided for by law.

9.6.If any provision of these terms is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, the user must comply with all other provisions of these terms and conditions. Notwithstanding this, the invalid provision in this case shall be carried out to the extent provided by the current legislation, and the user at least agrees to comply with a condition similar to the invalid, non-enforceable or non-mandatory provision, based on the content and purpose of these conditions.