DocTravel provides a comprehensive solution of customer’s problems, who are interested in medical treatment abroad.

The basic direction of work (January 2017): reproduction and birth abroad. In future our directions will be expanded.

Now (January 2017) there is a Beta-testing of the service.

Please note that service works automatically, it is not a pseudo-online service, when it finally comes down to communicate with the operator of a usual travel agency.

What problems solve DocTravel for patients?

With the help of our service a patient can find suppliers of services in different countries, check the price and the list of offered services, ask questions directly to clinics, agencies, professionals (doctors, interpreters, transport services, etc.). We do not interfere in the process of communication and do not affect the answers to any of the companies represented at the site, as well as users questions. The patients will remain incognito until they make their choice and want to disclose their data to clinic.

Why DocTravel for clinics and agencies?

Agencies, clinics and individual experts with the help of our service can find their patients and clients – it is extremely inconvenient for a patient to search a lot of different companies online separately and to communicate with them, so it i likely that most of our service users will not continue to look for clinics separately.

The list of information on clinic page responds to all of the patients basic questions not making him tired of not necessary details. In addition, the clinics page is filled with three languages – it’s useful for clinics which don’t have Multilanguage sites.

What is the price??

Our service is free for patients and shareware (until the end of the testing period) for our customers.

In future the clinics, agencies and experts will be charged a small monthly subscription fee for using the service. Besides, there will be available selected places is search results and advertising publications.

Our plans

Our plans include coverage of all popular services and medical tourism destinations, but we are beginning to work with a narrow segment - reproduction and delivery abroad.

We have opinion that it is better to be good in one direction than to be unknown and not effective in all directions. Since our service was made without raising funds from external sources, on founders’ money, we do not need to simulate intense activity to justify the investment and can focus on right (in our opinion) directions.

What "chips" will appear in DocTravel in the near future:

We believe that service should be easy to use, so you will not find useless innovations on our services.

What's coming soon:
  • Online calculator that helps to easily calculate the total cost of the trip, not just the cost of treatment.
  • Auction mode allows the patient to describe the essence of the problem, and the clinic will be able to offer its own version of the price (it may be lower than the usual price tag with all the described circumstances). Tools relevant for the charity and will also help agencies to fill their schedules during the "no season" without boasting additional discounts.
  • Selection of the insurance for the travel time
  • Knowledge base on the basic issues with the possibility to ask questions free to professionals.

The founders of the service and the technical side

Creating of the service was initiated and done on their own funds by two groups of people - 1) IT-specialists who have extensive experience and own successful working projects (big data) 2) specialists who have extensive experience in outbound medical tourism and know the problems of the industry "from the inside".